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$15 hr.


F O U N D R Y  L A B 

T E C H N I C I A N 

Summary of Duties and Responsibilities:

       Efficiently perform all tasks involved in the production of company’s products, follow standard work methods, and develop, practice, and direct safe work habits to ensure production is as efficient and safe as possible.  Responsible for implementing and overseeing the operation and the efficiency of the foundry lab to ensure the utmost in product quality, customer satisfaction, and company safety.  Regular attendance is an essential function of this position.


Primary duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to:

This position will support the ongoing development and maintenance of the foundry lab and includes, but is not limited to, the following:        

  • Improve reliability of new product development processes

  • Maintain company lab testing standards

  • Perform and oversee all the lab processes to ensure accuracy in testing and quality

  • Read blue prints for PPAP

  • Be able to perform testings on samples and follow-up from blue print stage to final production

  • Review products, testing processes and systems on an ongoing basis to determine where improvements can be made.

  • Take and log photographs of sample testings

  • Research and respond to special instructions from customers

  • Be able to work in the Shell Core & Oil Core rooms on all processes and work the B&P Molding Machine

  • Count and inspect casting for defects.

  • Perform other related foundry duties and assignments as required.

  • Maintain and file documentation needed for reporting to controlling customers, supervisors and agencies.

  • Perform various foundry related testing not limited to just the following:


  • Sand Testings

  • Spectrometer measurements

  • Alloy testings

  • Brinnell Hardness testings

  • Sample layouts when needed (PPAPS, etc.)

  • Prepare and track sample castings for shipping for certification

  • All production workers are expected to be available to work in all areas of production as needed.

  • Communicate and actively participate in production meetings with the manufacturing team

Physical environment/working conditions:

This position is in the foundry and involves:

  1. This position is in the factory and involves:

  2. Standing, walking, balancing, crawling, crouching, stooping, climbing, bending, sitting, kneeling, reaching & feeling for long periods of time throughout the work shift.

  3. Talking and hearing,

  4. Vision (far and near)

  5. Ability to lift 1-80 lbs.

  6. Ability to carry 1-50 lbs.

  7. Ability to push, pull, and handle up to 75 lbs.


Environmental working conditions

Employee will be exposed to:


  • Vibrations

  • Noise levels up to 90 decibels

Extreme heat, temperature changes (hot-cold) and outside environment some of the time


Hazards exposure:

  1. Machinery, electrical

  2. Fumes, gases, dust

  3. Burns


Equipment and Machinery Used

  1. Measuring devices, spectrometer, and sand testing equipment

  2. Various foundry machines and equipment

  3. Power tools:  saws, sanders, hand grinders, and hand chippers

  4. Electric hoist

  5. Metatarsal guard kick-off boots and hearing and eye protection


Education, prior work experience, specialized skills, and knowledge

  1. A Bachelor's Degree in metallurgy programs or equivalent experience is preferred

  2. 2+ years of experience in professional foundry testing is preferred``

  3. Understand and follow directions

  4. Read, write, and subtract

  5. Knowledge in the sand casting industry

  6. Proficiency with precision measuring tools

  7. Excellent analytical and problem solving skills

  8. Strong knowledge of calibration and ability to read blue prints

  9. Impeccable communication and organizational skills

  10. Able to work independently as well as within a team.

  11. Proficient on Microsoft Office Products.

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