1 S T  S H I F T  F O U N D R Y  P A T T E R N  R I G G E R

Efficiently perform all tasks involved in the production of company’s products, follow standard work methods, and practice safe work habits to ensure production is as efficient and safe as possible. Regular attendance is an essential function of this position.

The primary functions include, but are not limited to:

  • After a review of the tooling, instructions will be given on placing the proper gating on foundry patterns and rigging of the core boxes

  • Perform cutting, forming, and shaping wood components to be used on the patterns. Use of circular saws, band saws and table saws. Also using belt sanders and orbital sanders.

  • Familiarity with gating, risering and foundry methods.

  • Ability to assist in the planning and layout of gating on patterns.

  • Ability to review and interpret blueprints of parts to be cast

  • Ability to lay out patterns into sections according to shape of casting, to facilitate removal of pattern from the mold, including coring, gating, and other foundry practices with the appropriate marking and measuring devices.

  • Set up patterns for next day production molding lines.


Required Experience:

  • Ability to review drawings when needed

  • Knowledge of foundry processes is preferred


Required Education:

  • High School Diploma or GED required


Physical environment/working conditions:

This position is in the foundry and involves:

  • Standing, walking, balancing, crawling, crouching, stooping, climbing, bending, sitting, kneeling, reaching & feeling for long periods of time throughout the work shifts.

  • Talking and hearing,

  • Vision (far and near)

  • Ability to lift 1-80 lbs. and carry 1-50 lbs.

  • Push, pull, and handle up to 75 lbs.


Environmental working conditions

Employee will be exposed to:

  • Vibrations

  • Noise levels up to 90 decibels

  • Extreme heat, temperature changes (hot-cold) and outside environment some of the time


Hazards exposure:

  • Machinery & electrical


Equipment and Machinery Used

  • Measuring devices, hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers

  • Power tools:  saws, sanders, hand grinders, and hand chippers

  • Shovels, brooms

  • Electric hoist

  • Safety shoes, hearing and eye protection



$18 - $23 hr.